Advanced Custom Fields

Posted on 12 Sep 2016 in: .

In my career as a WordPress web developer, I’ve come across quite a few useful plugins. ACF has proven to be the most useful of them all. I literally use it in every single WordPress installation now days, and I can assure you, it have saved me and my team thousands of hours work.

Why AFC?

To make the WordPress page/post editor useful, you have to add meta fields, things such as contacts persons, portfolio data or custom images would be stuff I add on a daily basis. Doing this the WordPress way involves a lot of PHP coding, and doing really complex stuff can take forever.

ACF to the rescue

Advanced custom fields make this a breeze. With a logic, not over cluttered interface that follow WordPress standards you can easily add field groups to display as meta boxes in the editor screens. These field groups can be filled with useful fields which can be queried on the WordPress front-end.

Some of these useful fields are:

  • Repeaters (for repeating info, such as contacts)
  • Flexible content (for building layouts),
  • Galleries (for image galleries or sliders)
  • Google maps (for addresses or maps) and much much more.

There’s a free version of this plugin for adding simple fields to personal projects. But to take the real advantage of all the really useful ones such as the repeater, I strongly recommend buying a license. You get a lot for that small price.